Happy New Year

First things first. Let’s start of the year with this composition. Especially written today, for all of you, and a little bit for myself as well. Wishing you all a very happy and creative year!

Nomination Film Festival

Eindhoven Film Festival (EFF) nominated the movie “Getuige”. A movie about a terrorist attack in a theater. This movie is unique as it is fully music based with rarely any dialogue. I was challenged to create a tense atmosphere without using melodic elements. Fun fact: I embedded S.O.S. in morse code in the Music Score.

Linda Meiden

Great news! Linda Meiden has decided to broadcast the documentary “De Illusie die Perfectie heet” as a two-piece documentary. An unique documentary in which former Touché model Charlotte van Buuren highlights a different side of the model life.

Part 1 of the documentary is already online, part 2 will be available at the 26th of September

Castelijn & Beerens / Dutch Comic Con / Showreel

Long time no see! I’ve been busy with all kinds of new and exiting music projects

New campaign Castelijn & Beerens

Third time’s the charm. After two succesful campaigns for Castelijn & Beerens, I also wrote the music score for their third campaign. And I think the cinematic feel-good music fits the cinematic video footage well.

Dutch Comic Con Event

Dark horror music is not often asked for, but amazing to create. The music score is used during an experience event of the Dutch House of Wax at the Dutch Comic Con in Utrecht.

Showreel Colorist Ramon de Jong

For this high-end colorist I made a music score that fits his showreel. Epic music with epic footage. Very personal. And I just love the bright colours!