Avondje NAC: een liefdesverklaring

Music Score to the documentary “Avondje NAC: een liefdesverklaring”.
A documentary by Fox Sports.

Nominated by Fox Sports: best documentary 2018, Nominated for the Communication Award Brabant (De Bonk) 2018

The broadcast date: 11 mei 2018, primetime (20:30), at the FOX Sports NL channel.
Watch it at Fox Sports (Only available for Fox Sports subsribers)

Soundtrack “Avondje NAC een liefdesverklaring”:

This is music I wrote for a dutch documentary made for FOX Sports. The deeper meaning behind the musical idea is to not just represent the love of the fans for the club but also the bravery of them. They never let their club down. It translates in a melody that is both loving (when played very soft) and heroic (when played by loud instruments such as Horns, Trombones)