De Illusie die Perfectie Heet

Music Score to the documentary “De Illusie die Perfectie Heet”.
A movie by Charlotte van Buuren.

Broadcasted as a two-piece documentary by LINDA.Meiden:
Schokkende waarheid achter de modellenwereld
Het was echt oorlog in mijn hoofd

Soundtrack “De Illusie die Perfectie Heet”:

This is a musicsuite I wrote for a documentary that is about a model. She is forced to cut off her work as a model because she has developed an eating disorder. The movie is all about mourning. As psychologie says mourning has a certain curve. It is a “V” curve. In music you could interpret this V on all kinds of levels, from a very small cue to a very big one. But also, Loud > Soft > Loud, Theme1 > Bridge > Theme2, and many more. I made an idea based on theme 1 and theme 2 with a bridge. With depression (de very deep point in the “V” curve) everything is mostly black. It is as if the world is as far away as it could be. People overcoming depression are sensing that the world is drawing near again, they are finding a connection again. I wanted this movement to be in the music as well, not just a transition from one theme to another, but 3 dimensional. There are individual instruments in the music (Piano as the main character and Oboe Flute Horn) and there is the string section. The strings are the outside world. Whenever she moves away from the world the strings move away, whenever she is coming closer towards reality the strings come closer. This could be applied throughout the whole movie from very small cues to the overall picture. This is a suite that shows everything I put in the movie.