Xpert Clinic

Music score to the Xpert Clinic item about Diana, a pianoteacher with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The vision from a musical point of view was that it needed to be minimalistic but still driving the picture. And of course it had to have a piano in it! The choice was the piano as a center piece in the music with some additional chamber music instruments. (String Quartet)

De Bonk

Music score to the event “De Bonk”
An award show by “Communicatie Club Bourgondië (CCB)“.

Show dates: 28 March 2019 at the Klasse Theater in Tilburg.

The Idea of the word “Bonk” in the Netherlands means a “Hit”. That was what the music should be, a hit, but elegant and proud. The orchestra used in this composition is a larger than life string session (344!) and a big brass section. All to enhance the absurd images. On top of that a real life soprano voice to sing the most inelegant word: BONK! That was the biggest mission, to incorporate that into the music.


Music Score to the film “Getuige” (Witness).
A movie by Toon Donders.

Nominated at the Eindhoven Film Festival 2018

10 augustus 2018 in Theater het Klavier
1 december 2018 at het Eindhovens Filmfestival
This movie is not yet available online.

Soundtracks “Confrontation” and “Death is not the End”:

Music for a short movie. The movie is about the fear of death. I chose to write everything around a short rhythmic pattern based on Morse code, the Morse code spells fear. From that point I started collecting sounds that made people afraid. (Lions, thunder, howling wolves etc…..) And made that into one signature sound. Together with the Morse and the “Sound” I wrote a theme. Everything combined made the soundtrack of the movie. 



NAC: Alles en Niets

Music Score to the documentary “NAC: Alles en Niets”.
A documentary by Fox Sports.

The broadcast date: 22 November 2018, primetime (20:30), at the FOX Sports NL channel.
Watch it at Fox Sports (Only available for Fox Sports subsribers)

Soundtracks “Enter the Arena, Pt. 2” and “The March”:

De Illusie die Perfectie Heet

Music Score to the documentary “De Illusie die Perfectie Heet”.
A movie by Charlotte van Buuren.

Broadcasted as a two-piece documentary by LINDA.Meiden:
Schokkende waarheid achter de modellenwereld
Het was echt oorlog in mijn hoofd

Soundtrack “De Illusie die Perfectie Heet”:

This is a musicsuite (short resume of all the music in the movie) I wrote for a documentary that is about a model. She is forced to cut off her work because she has developed an eating disorder. The movie is all about mourning. As psychologie says mourning has a certain curve. It is a “V” curve. In music you could interpret this V on all kinds of levels, from a very small cue to a very big one. (Patterns like: Loud > Soft > Loud, Theme1 > Bridge > Theme2, and many more) Besides that I wanted the music to let you know it she is far away from the world or really close. For this third dimension I chose to make the strings the outside world and the individual instruments (especially the piano) represents her.


Music Score to the aftermovie of the popular “Ploegendienst” festival in Breda

Soundtrack “Ploegendienst”:

This is an after movie for a techno festival in Holland. The owner wanted something different then one of the techno tracks everybody heard there. I chose for a musical transition from very soft to blazing loud but with love! With in the middle the really dense part to represent time standing still.

Darklands of Adoption


This is the most personal piece of music I’ve ever made. It is my story about being adopties, in music and without words! Why? Because I’m not that good with words. And with this subject, finding words is even harder. The pain, sadness and insecurity and the feeling of loss is indescribable, but this album comes close.

It is the first part of my life, in music. As you listen through it you will notice not everything is dark, most of it is ;). I already said I’m not good with words, so please take a seat and listen through the whole piece, close your eyes and take a moment to enter my world…

Ow…. don’t get me wrong, I love my life right now! It’s not all dark anymore and I’m glad about that!

Eindhoven Airport

Music score to the Future Airport Experience of Eindhoven Airport

The goal was to get something interesting/special in the composition but most of all technical. The technical part comes from the city of Eindhoven which represents “technical”, “Tech” but also fluent integration. Instead of choosing something which is really about tech I chose to look for “tech” in the musical sense of the word. The result was a catchy 5/4 riff (count to 5 instead the normal measures used in pop music) but still make it musical, catchy but most of all comfortable, because that is what this video is about, comfort!

Avondje NAC: een liefdesverklaring

Music Score to the documentary “Avondje NAC: een liefdesverklaring”.
A documentary by Fox Sports.

Nominated by Fox Sports: best documentary 2018, Nominated for the Communication Award Brabant (De Bonk) 2018

The broadcast date: 11 mei 2018, primetime (20:30), at the FOX Sports NL channel.
Watch it at Fox Sports (Only available for Fox Sports subsribers)

Soundtrack “Avondje NAC een liefdesverklaring”:

This is music I wrote for a dutch documentary made for FOX Sports. The deeper meaning behind the musical idea is to not just represent the love of the fans for the club but also the bravery of them. They never let their club down. It translates in a melody that is both loving (when played very soft) and heroic (when played by loud instruments such as Horns, Trombones)