Yes, fully charged again after a wonderful holiday on Tenerife. And I can’t wait to share my best moment with you. I spent the night in a refugio on the volcano “El Teide” and wanted to see the sun rise from the top. It was a tough trip up, but I continued. I must honestly confess that there were moments that I wanted to give up, moments that I fell, moments that everyone caught me up, moments when I took the wrong path… But I know: if you want to achieve beautiful things, you sometimes have to just push through and get on. So I did, with one foot in front of the other and a nice soundtrack on my headphones. And suddenly I was there, in the pitch-black darkness on top of that volcano. Sitting on the edge of the crater, I watched the most beautiful sun rise ever. And I enjoyed the road I had just traveled. I certainly did not take the easy way out, and that is without a doubt the reason why this experience came out extra valuable.

Happy New Year

First things first. Let’s start of the year with this composition. Especially written today, for all of you, and a little bit for myself as well. Wishing you all a very happy and creative year!