Iím a Producer/Mixing engineer who is known for being the bridge between the two worlds: Engineers and Musicians. Itís a hell of a job to record an album so both engineers and musicians need to work on their max to get the best result. What is most important for me is that everybody is comfortable during the process, both engineers and musicians. But also the deadlines and the end result. I try to combine all these things in to one package.

Beside all these things I love to mix, being a soundfreak I canít leave this behind. Got a studio recording, or something you recorded at home and you want a professional sounding mix, don't hesitate to call.

When I started my education music production and performance at the utrecht school of arts I promised myself no limitations. Which resulted in Live Surround Sound. Together with engineer Dave Schinkel I organised a concert in full surround!

But itís all about the ears so feel free to look around and listen some of the songs by clicking on the portfolio link.

And feel free to contact me by clicking on the contact button. For urgent matters when email is to slow call : +31 (0)6 81 93 86 71

Have Fun!